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Dear Visitor, welcome in our pension!

The - Góbé csárda - is a special Székely pension.

The Székelys are a smaller group of Hungarians, living in Transylvania under the Charpathian Mountains. These people are well - know for their hospitality and traditions.

Long time ago the custom was to welcome the wanderers, who used to rove the country stopping from house to house.

We would like to create a similar atmosphere in our pension, here, near the Hungarian border, hundred kilometers far away from these people's land, showing the characteristics of this folk through the typical dishes and drinks and hand-painted furniture. Each of the rooms is unicque representing the different regions of Székely land - such Háromszék, Csík, Gyergyó, Udvarhely - through the peculiar painting, each pattern having its own meaning.

Dear Guest! We wish to meet you as often as possible in this house, and if you like it, bring your friends, relatives too!